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Get Back 10% By Paying TBC Plan Cards

Every Sunday, pay at least 10 GEL with your TBC Plan cards at grocery and pharmacy stores and get back 10% instantly, up to 20 GEL maximum.


The campaign terms apply in the following stores: Nikora, Libre, Carrefour, Magniti, Gvirila, Daily, PSP, GPC, Pharmadepot, Aversi..

Additional terms: 

  • You should pay at a TBC  POS terminal by TBC Plan 2/5/10 cards to get cash back;

  • Under the campaign, one customer may get back the maximum of 20 GEL in each sector each Sunday;

  • The amount can be paid as a lump sum or in parts;

  • Every branch of following store chains participate in the offer;

  • The Bank reserves the right not to credit Ertguli points in case of a suspicious transaction;


If you don’t have a TBC Plan card, subscribe from mobile bank.

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